GUANGZHOU YUHAI IMPORT & EXPORTS TRADING CO.LTD. Since established from 2005, with the development of grease and chemical. enter into a completely new epoch. We hold the right of imports and exports, as well as the professional engineer, who provide the integrated technical service for all products. We have already gotten ready to promise our clients with products of high grade and first-rate service. We not only sell the products, but also establish the well long-range and cooperated symbiosis.

The products that we surrogate are provided by international grease and chemical production setup, which holds a safe lead, and adopts advanced high-tech to process and extract fine qualities products from natural renewal raw material. Our high-classed, multifarious FATTY ACID and GLYCERIN are widely used, can meet the needs of all clients, what's more, we off to our customers special-made products & knight service with our products and factory manufactured equipment.

One global brand, creating exact chemical products---specialty creates quality, sincere reputation carves out future. We both make progress and development together, as well as create the beautiful and fine environmental green world. on the worldwide chemical industry stage.